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Max and the Makeups...

Max and the Makeups, 1983.  Left to Right:  Joni Hell, Mike Alvarez,

Max Gottlieb, Lisa Gamache, Karl Remstam. And, Essex the dog. 

Photo by Jack Underwood. 

In 1981, Max and the Makeups

"starred" in The University of

Texas film school project

"The 41st Song".  The concept

of the film was that the Top 40

was evil and Max and the Makeups

played "The 41st Song" - the song

that would propel the peasants to

revolt against The Establishment.

The film also starred The Next's

Ty Gavin

Alvarez recalls "The Makeups

fell into a 'film noir' category

in 1981. Every band had to fall in

to some category at that time -

punk, new romantic, new wave,

etc.  We were very busy in film

and music videos mainly because

of the UT film school and that all

of us were UT students.  Jonie Hell

was a film student and he brought

a lot of the film community to the


The Makeups would later (1985)

star in one of the early comedy

horror genre films "Future Kill"

where the band had the same role

and effect on the crowd in the audience

that it had in "The 41st Song" - when

the band played - the peasants would

revolt against The Establishment.

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