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Music by Mike Alvarez, Matt Jansky,

Bill Dumas, Jon Howard

Poem “Think of The Kids In Africa”

Written and recited by Ken Jones


Aren't you gonna finish your dinner?

Don't leave all that food for me to throw away.

Bloated babies would give their lives

To have a taste of those fries.


Think of the kids in Africa

Who don't get enough food like you do.

Roaming the streets of great African cities

They'd give their lives to be just like you.


When population hits the red zone

Then starvation calls a continent home.

Starvation is just nature's way of saying

“My how you have grown”.


You kids today have it so easy.

Computer games, Guess Jeans and MTV.

Africans still skin animal hides

And they don't have an increase in

Teenage suicide.




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