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Texacala Jones

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Although she had played in bands as far back as high school, Tex is most well known as the lead singer in Tex & The Horseheads, an LA band that formed in the early 80's in the wake of the spooky desperado punk of the Gun Club. Their sound was half Howlin' Wolf, half Johnny Cash, with a dose of good ol' dive bar rock n' roll tossed in. Tex was wild, free, and sexy as hell, and her band was young, mean, and ready for anything. Of course, LA loved ‘em, and they remained club favorites for years. They released three myth-making albums while together, all on Enigma Records – a self-titled EP in 1984, their only full-length album, “ Life's So Cool ” in 1985, and their coda, the live-in-Holland epic “ Tot Ziens ”, in 1986. The live album has then-new songs, as well as Horseheads classics, and includes fantastically bizarre between-song banter from Tex about how she thought Reagan and Gorbachev should've played checkers together, and then maybe blow each other. All three records are full of authentic gut-bucket rock n' roll, full of slink, venom, heart, and many, many empty bottles of whiskey.

Tex & the Horseheads' band members were: Texacala Jones, Mike Martt, Gregory "Smog" Boaz and David "Rock" Thum. They released two records, a self-title in 1984 and Life's So Cool , produced by X and Flesh Eaters member John Doe , in 1985.

Their songs dealt with themes of heartbreak, love, drug and alcohol dependency, grief, loss, and financial difficulty—all a testament to their destitute roll-and-tumble lifestyle, as well as Texacala's real-life struggles with alcohol and heroin in the latter half of the 1980s.



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