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Here's how you write songs when you are either lazy, or just know you can lay something down.

Matthew invited Bill Dumas and I over for a sorta birthday session for me - my birthday was April 27th (the same day President Nixon was buried and the same day Ulyssus S. Grant died) A very presidential day.  My dad was born on 4/20....

I dug through my lyrics folder and found some title I named "None".  Pulled a couple sentences out of the sheet, asked Matt what else can I write about.  Matt said something about never leaving the house and I took it from there - recalling the story of a dove that hung around Matt and Barbara's house.  So the story about the birdy is in there.

Bill came over with his what I call "garbage can" and laid down these

drum tracks.  He knows how to use it. Zip the dog confirms.

Looks like Matt Jansky is playing acoustic

guitar - but he's actually playing bass. Using

an octive divider (that's what it was called

in the 70s, Robin Trower, etc.)

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